To MBA or Not to MBA? That is the Question

An MBA is considered the “gold standard” by many in the world of business. But the truth is that there are many high-quality bachelor’s degrees in business you can get in far less time than an MBA, but can give you many of the same skills.

Impressions can be important when it comes to job interviews, and employers tend to be impressed by a business master’s degree. But having a BA or BS specialized in accounting, finance or some other valued specialty can make a positive impression, and help get you hired in the kind of job that can move you in the direction of a senior position.

If you’re trying to figure out if you can get enough career mileage from earning only a bachelor’s degree in business, or if it’s imperative that you spend the extra time and effort to get a master’s, here’s some advice on the value of a bachelor’s degree in business versus a full MBA.