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Good, Reasonably Priced Online Bachelors and Associates Degrees

An online degree program almost automatically saves you money over a traditional school, simply because you don't pay to live on the college campus. At state university schools in my home state of New York, for example, the room and board for a student costs about twice as much as the tuition for a bachelors or associates degree.
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But while an online degree program can help you avoid the kind of whopping $200,000. four-year cost that students pay at many top private colleges today, online schools aren't necessarily cheap. And while you don't want to choose a school based only on its cost, economic conditions today make it necessary for students to be smarter than ever about finding the best possible deals on tuition.

Your local community college is probably a good place to start looking for a cheap online degree. These schools often have the best bargains on tuition. But community colleges generally give the lowest tuition rates only to local students. Since many of them offer only associates degrees or bachelors degrees in limited areas, you're likely to want to shop around further to get a good tuition deal on a program that really matches your career goals.

Flex Scheduling
Bachelors and associates degrees from online schools can be done on a accelerated basis, taking much less time to complete than a traditional program, or can be stretched out over much more than the usual two (for associates) or four years (for bachelors). Colleges that specialize in online learning tend to very flexible about a student's study schedule, because they deal with so many students who are working adults. Many distance learners actually take breaks in the middle of their education to fulfill other commitments. The leading online schools are also usually willing to allow you to transfer credits toward their programs that you may have earned previously at another school.

A Range Of Tuition Costs
While the cost of a college degree can be a bit daunting, it's worth keeping in mind that a 2007 study by The College board showed that people who have a bachelor's degree earn an average of 60% more than those who have only a high school diploma. Here's a listing of some of the more reasonably priced bachelors and associates degree programs, which you can get free information on to start doing your research on. The estimated fees here are for the 2013 - 2014 school year, and do not include books and other costs unless otherwise noted.

Post University Post University is a private school based in Waterbury, Connecticut, founded in 1890. Tuition is in more moderate than many other schools we've researched. Post currently operates four campuses and a large online teaching program, that offers a great variety of career-focused bachelors and associates degrees, including:
- A.S. Accounting
- A.S. Criminal Justice
- A.S. Early Childhood Education
- A.S. Business
- A.S. Legal Studies
- B.S. Business Administration (multiple specialties)
- B.S. Computer Information Systems
- B.A. Psychology (three specialties)
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Strayer University
Strayer is a large, well-known online school with solid accreditation. It focuses mainly on adult education, with a wide variety of bachelor's and master's degrees in:
- Business (Many specialties)
- Technology (wide selection of information tech specialties)
- Criminal Justice
- Marketing
- Accounting
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Grand Canyon University A large private school offering online degrees at a relatively moderate price for a school with strong name recognition across the country. Grand Canyon has many bachelors degrees in specialties including:
- Education
- Nursing
- Counseling
- Government
Get info on Grand Canyon University

Walden University Walden University is an accredited institution with over 40 years of experience and more than 40,000 students. It offers over 60 online degree programs with more than 300 specializations and concentrations, including:
- Business
- Education and Leadership
- Nursing
- Health Sciences
- Psychology
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Top Schools Specializing In Online Degrees:

Kaplan University
Offers a very wide range of bachelor's, master's and associates degrees in
- Criminal Justice
- Education
- Health Care
- Nursing
- Computer Technology
- Information Systems
- Legal Studies
Learn more about Kaplan's degree programs

Keiser University
Keiser is a very unusual case of a school that changed from for-profit to non-profit status in 2011. Established in Florida in 1977, the school has 14 campuses around the world and a very large and well-known online degree program. It has regional accreditation (the best kind) from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and has long pursued a goal of preparing students for real careers. Keiser offers a vast array of online associates and bachelors degrees in these areas:
- Accounting
- Paralegal
- Criminal Justice
- Sports Medicine
- Video Game Design
- Psychology
- Biomedical Sciences
- Elementary Education
- Information Technology
- Business Administration
- Social Media Communication
Get free info about Keiser's degree programs

Colorado Technical University
CTU is a large institution based on Colorado Springs with over 25,000 students. It has solid regional accreditation (the best kind) and has been ranked #1 Best for Vets in the category for online and non-traditional universities by Military Times Magazine. Offers associate's and bachelor's degrees online in
- Criminal Justice (multiple specialties)
- Business
- Accounting
- Project Management
- Information Systems (multiple specialties)
- Electrical Engineering
Learn more about Colorado Tech's degree programs

Ashford University
Iowa-based school established in 1918, Ashford offers a vast array of online degrees online across the range from associate to bachelor and masters, in addition to it's campus-based programs. (Ashford University is accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission, 985 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 100, Alameda, CA 94501, 510.748.9001, Degrees available in:
- Business Management - BA & MBA in 19 different specialties
- Early Childhood Education
- Marketing
- Health Care Studies
- Homeland Security
- Psychology
- Sports Managment
Get information on Ashford's online programs


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